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Modern Trumpet

 Natural Trumpet

Composer and Arranger

Hi, I'm Tim. I am a professional Modern and Natural trumpet performer, composer, arranger, and teacher. I'm available for professional gigs, commissions, and fully prepared to take on more students locally and virtually. Learn more about me here.

Composition Recordings


Trumpet Player


I took on board what you showed me re: throat tension and breathing, and over the next few months I had some noticeable developments. My sound, flexibility, fluidity, and more have all improved considerably and I’ve landed myself a principal’s seat in a band, which I’m really enjoying. Thought that you might like to know that your help has been extremely useful and much appreciated!

Music Sheets


Just wanted to let you know, my son got a grade 8 on his GCSE which is amazing. You basically got him that with your hard work with him, so thank you so much for that. We are ecstatic!


You can get in touch with Tim Dzida to learn more about him, his music, and upcoming appearances or events, by filling out the spaces below, calling the listed phone number, or emailing him at the provided email address. 

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