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This is a book with a set of 10 profiles for unaccompanied trumpet, with one of the profiles requiring a piano’s sustaining pedal. This book is written for the advanced, highly skilled trumpeter that seeks to broaden their capabilities as an expressive, technically and characteristically flexible player. These pieces vary in techniques that can be used with the trumpet, as well as sounds that can be created other than its traditional. This book was also composed because I believe, as a performer and composer, that there are not enough practically playable unaccompanied pieces for trumpet in a performer’s repertoire. My intention was to add something different and limit-pushing compared to the average unaccompanied piece. Each of the pieces has no key signature, this is because I find that writing without a key signature makes it easier to be flexible in composition without the restraint of a specific key. It can also make reading music easier, and gives the composer more ability to be specific and deliberate, in my opinion. Overall, these profiles are all different in style and each present a unique challenge technically, characteristically, and stylistically. The painted portrait behind each one is up to the performer to paint for their audience. This is where the challenge of enhancing your ability, as the performer, comes in. Learning the music, interpreting why certain phrases happen and what those phrases convey at that point in the profile, how that moment might make you feel, and how you can make the audience feel and see the same thing.

I will not tell you what each piece is about in detail, it is up to you to think of the full story and ellaborate on your version of it to your audience. Although all of the things that have been marked in the music are deliberate and expected, the full story is from and up to you with the established foundation given. Think about the piece and what you experience when you listen to it and when you play it, and decide how you are going to make the audience see, feel, and hear the same thing. Below are the names of the pieces, and what they are all about. Enjoy your performance and your experience, be expressive, and be confident. Go beyond the expected.

10 Profiles for Unaccompanied Trumpet

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