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I composed this piece for my daughter. To me, even though she is not born for another few months, the piece captures that love, beauty, grace, and wonder that I know will come with her. The piece talks about a short story I have written as well from going to sleep, waking up, playing and having fun, and getting ready fo sleep once again to prepare for the next new day.



Sleep tight my little one,

for tomorrow is a new day.

Close your eyes and get some rest,

then the sun will be there.


Goodmoring my little child,

stretch your little arms out wide.

Greet the bright sun,

for it is a new day.


Off you go to play,

run and frolic with your friends.

You're young and full of life, 

so enjoy this new day.


Now you're here at the day's end.

it has brought you to a pause.

Close your eyes and go to sleep, 

it will be a new day.


If you perform this piece, please feel free to send it to me and I will be thrilled to post it on my wibsite under the composition.

Aurora's Lullaby (for piano and choir)

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