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Although the title is fairly self explanitory, this is a piece that I wrote for organ that I believe captured the tempurments of a blizzard, rising and falling as it worsens, when it then suddenly slows down and the storm comes to an end, with the relief of the people and things that happend to be caught in it. This piece is technically challenging and has a mixture of clashing harmonies (augmented, and diminished) and completely tonal sections that create the texture difference of the rising and falling of the storm. The piece is centered around the use of the chromatic scale and the intensity that it can create through various techniques. The organ is an instrument of inncredible contrast and flexibility, and I believe that the instrument is perfect for depicting the idea of this piece.


If you perform this piece, please feel free to contact me and let me know and I will be thrilled to place it on my website!

Blizzard for Organ

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