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Composed for and premiered by trumpeter Dr. Stanley Curtis. This piece is an elegy of substantial reflection, pessimism, and vivid imagery, focusing on the massive peak of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, United States, Mount Elbert. The piece takes you through a journey experiencing the might and beautifully menacing landscape that is Mount Elbert. Through the revisiting of the 5th followed by a descending peak note, as well as scattered suspended harmonies in the accompaniment, the introduction sets the atmosphere of the grandness of this peak, the manner in which it cuts through the skies, and its surroundings. This same motive is distributed in daunting sections throughout the music via a rapid arpeggiation completing with a minor second. The piece ends with this same beautifully daunting phrase in changing octave 32nd notes, progressively quieter dynamic, and chromatically descending modulating key as you back away from the mighty peak. This ending gentle section uses sustained major seconds, pressing against each other, to give the illusion of the crisp and thin air, the gentle breeze as you overlook, and a sense of personal self-reflection.

Mount Elbert for Trumpet and Piano

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