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Mount Lincoln is the eighth highest peak in the state of Colorado and the stretch of the Rocky Mountains through North America, standing at 14,293 ft. Mount Lincoln seems to be considered a widely adored mountain and triumphant to not only behold, but also to summit. Abrass quintet has been chosen for its depiction and ode, because of its prominence, as well as the sheer size of the peak. The brass quintet brings a brightness and well rounded body to the auditory experience of the mountain, capturing the emotions and experiences people have maintained looking at and climbing it. Though the mountain is daunting, there is a greater feeling of comfort, pride and solice that comes with this peak. In the middle of the piece, there is a gentle echoing moment between the 2 trumpets playing together in primarily major and minor seconds as an opening to the section, later accompanied by the mid and lower brass with the initial melodic theme. This section gives a feeling of the cold, crisp air that blows through the terrain and its passes, but also a sense of mystery and intimidation. There are also two broad and grand passages in the piece, consisting of a progressively increasing pleasing dissonance sequence followed by a forte resolution and diminuendo. These passages surround the overall embodiment of the mountain and carry an intention to make an impact on the listener, bringing one back to the main purpose of the piece. The second grand and broad moment consists of a sforzando/accented moment as a radiation of wonder followed b a trombone solo in reflection of the feeling of looking out to the vastness as you stand atop the colossal phenomenon.

Mount Lincoln: A Monumentalising Elegy for Brass Quinet

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