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Mount Massive is the second highest peak in the of Colorado and in any segment of the Rocky Mountains through North America, standing at an outstanding 14,440 ft. This piece is an intense depiction for trombone choir. Due to the mountain and its range's unfathomable and gargantuan size, the heavy weight of a trombone choir grandly captures the awesome natural phenomenon that is Mount Massive. There is a consistent reoccurring rising and falling motive through the piece with passive dissonances to depict a mighty yet treacherous landscape. There are also occasional aggressive sforzando and accented attacks, not because it is necessarily a dangerous mountain, but from its sheer marvelous but daunting demeanor. The middle section has tense, dissonant growing moments that lead to a resolving suspension as the peak of the phrase, giving the listener the experience of crisp air and astonishingly breathtaking altitude. Throughout the piece, there are intensely rich and full harmonies to fill a room, with the loudest sections containing a heavy dissonant accented moment, immediately resolving to choir-wide inclusion.

Mount Massive: A Monumentalising Depiction for Trombone Choir

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